Best pandan indah condominium Malaysia Now

If you decide to go for a pandan indah condominium on paper, that is a house under construction, the first thing to do is to apply for the building permit issued by the municipality and the latest approved project to verify the existence of the authorizations.

Things to be Careful about

Be careful if the land is not owned by the builder but perhaps has only the surface right in concession, as in the case of the Cooperatives that receive the concession from the Municipalities, upon expiry of this, the land and the houses built on it return to ownership of the Municipality.

If you build a cooperative, prices are lower because by law they cannot exceed a maximum ceiling set by the Residential Building Committee. Construction companies after pursuant to the law of  and of the relative legislative decree, have the obligation to guarantee to the purchasers an insurance policy against defects with ten-year validity and a bank guarantee that ensures the payment of the advances or installments valid until the signing of the deed.

  • This insurance serves to protect the buyer from possible failures of a construction company, for those who do not fall within these advantages it is still advisable to obtain a bank guarantee that is a commitment of the bank to economically protect the buyer.
  • The advantage of buying a house under construction is that the price is usually more competitive, you pay reduced VAT at 10%, you can make changes to the layout of the rooms according to your needs and payments can be made as the work progresses. 

Practical advice for choosing and buying a home

Visit the house such as Pandan Indah condo for sale several times, perhaps in the company of friends, relatives and trusted technicians able to see what your eyes, perhaps dazzled by the thrill of buying a house, do not see. Choose different times in order to check the brightness of the rooms, the ambient temperature, the noise or bad smells coming from outside.


Think about the arrangement of the rooms and the possible arrangement of the furniture, moving walls and related systems involves a considerable expense, perhaps the furniture you already have in your current home, if the rooms do not have rational or standard size, you may need to buy new furniture, for example in the current house there are very tall cabinets that do not fit on the new room. Carefully examine the state of the plumbing, electrical and heating systems, fixtures, floors, bathroom fixtures and the situation of the building such as Pandan Indah condo in general. For more articles like this one, click here.