Reasons to study the Nursing Career

According to the World Health Organization, Nursing is based on caring for people of any age, group or community in any circumstance. It also deals with health promotion and disease prevention.

In the Nursing career, students are prepared based on a comprehensive knowledge for work in the care and attention of patients, to apply treatments and carry out the report of progress to doctors, who prescribe the tasks that a specialist in Nursing performs.

Throughout the course, issues such as the structure, function and behavior of the human body are studied, as well as the factors and mechanisms that cause diseases.

How much does a Bachelor of Nursing earn?

The company Adecco Argentina (a comprehensive Human Resources consultant) carried out a study in which information about the labor market in Argentina was published. In it you can access a Regional Salary Guide that provides data in reference to salaries, taking into account issues such as the various branches of industry, commerce and services, the position held and the type of company.

One of the positions that a Nursing Graduate can occupy is that of Occupational Nurse. A person who works as such, according to Adecco, can have a variable salary, depending on the type of company in which he works, and the area in which he resides.

Why study Nursing?

If you are wondering why you should study Nursing, here are some reasons:

Within the field of health, Nursing professionals are a decisive factor when it comes to the recovery of patients. Although this profession offers humanistic rewards because it is a vocation of service, there are other positive aspects about studying the career at universiti yang menawarkan bidang pendidikan awal kanak-kanak.

One of the most obvious benefits is the fact of learning everything related to health and care services, so that you have the possibility to freely choose the area in which you like to work the most. Whether in care tasks, in assisting medical procedures, research, teaching or management.

In addition, Nursing is a profession in which students can decide the degree of professionalization they want to achieve, either through technical degrees, degrees or specializations.

The profession has a very high demand for experts, so another advantage has to do with job opportunities and rapid insertion into the job market. Worldwide, the doctor-nurse ratio is 9 to 1, and this ratio should be the other way around according to the World Health Organization.

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