The state of online gambling in Malaysia

Sports have become a popular pastime for both athletes and fans to enjoy while maintaining healthy physically and mentally. Some companies see this as an opportunity to host championships for multiple reasons. Although it can be mainly to promote the teams involved in the match, raising awareness of certain brands, earning money to donate towards charity and more, popular sports would attract more attention which would more likely benefit the sponsors and the companies involved. Some may be satisfied from watching their sports and screaming their lungs out to cheer for their favorite teams, some seek a bigger thrill to gain benefits from just watching a match. 

This is where sports betting steps in, a somewhat legal gambling entertainment between sports enthusiasts who would secretly bet on the outcomes of the matches they are watching. Since it is considered as gambling, Islamic countries ban sports betting to enforce their religious teachings on Muslims by prohibiting gambling activities except Malaysia as Chinese and Indians make up for the majority of the population after Muslims. However, Muslims in Malaysia are still liable to the Sharia law which is the law that prohibits Muslims from gambling and emphasizes that all Muslims must not gamble or else they will suffer a heavier punishment. Because sports betting is considered illegal, most bettors are more reluctant to participate as they are more susceptible to unexpected raids. However, the advancement of technology has allowed sports betting to become more common and safer for bettors to participate especially when they are able to develop an application that is free to download on iOS and Android smartphones. Because of the Gambling Act 2005 being outdated, slot game terbaik is in a bit of a gray zone as gamblers who are found participating gambling online would either be let go or be punished accordingly. Because of its nature, it is difficult for the police to arrest gamblers as it will be time consuming to track back every gambler invested into the site. Therefore, police forces would occasionally raid certain locations and confiscate devices within the raided location to decrease unregistered online gambling sites as an alternative.

In order to prevent Malaysians from gambling, the government has blocked every unregistered online casino and betting sites with some exceptions such as Genting’s online casino. However, that doesn’t stop enthustiastic and hardcore gamblers from searching alternatives to satiate their needs. With the use of virtual private network (VPN), any smartphone and computer users are able to bypass the restriction which allows them to continue their activities without a worry. Additionally, the law does not apply to them when they are gambling on online casinos that legalize gambling which prevents gamblers from being susceptible to Malaysia’s law. 

Overall, you cannot stop gambling as a whole since some races like Chinese see gambling as a prosperous event during Chinese New Year since they believe in number-related superstitions which allows them to predict the area that has a greater flow of luck while also bonding with their family members. The only way to control gambling is to teach children from an early stage the dangers of gambling and mediate their habits if they want them to participate in gambling activities.

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