Your Choices For The Time Fibre Internet

Time Fibre Internet

The quality, and in particular the speed of your Internet connection, determines your Internet experience day after day. And if your speed is equivalent to the thin stream presented at the beginning of the video, the consequences are now well known: web pages that take several seconds to appear with each click, downloading of photos in slow motion or videos that take an infinite time to load, even disconnections. With the Time Fibre Internet, the process would be much easier.

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How do I measure the speed of my internet connection?

To check the speed and performance of your internet connection, just do a speed test. Also called “speed test” or “bandwidth test“, the internet speed test measures the speed of your connection by simulating the transfer of a file between your box and a server. The result of a flow test includes 3 important values:

  • The download speed: this is the speed at which you receive files between the internet and your home
  • The transfer speed (upload): this is the speed at which files are sent between your home and the internet
  • The latency (ping): this is the response time of the server 

An operation to be carried out via an Ethernet cable connected to your box: this is the only way to know the actual speed delivered by your Internet connection. If you test your speed over Wi-Fi, you will only know the capacity of your wireless connection. Finally, to know the true potential of your Internet connection, it will be necessary, at the time of the test, that no other device consumes bandwidth. Downloading, Internet TV or streaming in progress will necessarily have an impact on the speed measured at an instant T, and the test will only indicate the remaining available speed.

Run an internet speed test

What is a good flow?

To be able to use the Internet properly, what is good speed in 2021? We will be forced to answer “it depends”. There is indeed an “official” definition, in any case, that enacted by the government, which had set itself the objective of providing “good broadband” to all French people by the end of 2020. Its threshold has been reached. It has been set at 8 Mb / s. We can say that this is a union minimum that you can find out more on tm unifi malaysia: enough to ensure correct browsing on the Internet or watch TV or streaming videos on Netflix, Youtube or MyCanal in high definition (HD).